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be impassable until spring we're told they'll not put in a temporary bridge or anyway for folks to get over the creek in this area. in this area there are a number of detours just a block and a half one direction or another. now, tonight at 6:00 we'll talk to neighbors and the city who are finding that the bright side, boy say of this. that will be tonight at 6:00. >> white house middle school will be reopening tomorrow after being closed today, the cause of damage in one building. four classrooms as well as library and administrative offices flooded yesterday when a culvert backed up. officials trying to determine whether they'll have to replace floors and cabinets in the building. >> a lot treefs have fallen in the storms because of the ground just oversaturated at
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this point. like this tree danging a mercedes-benz last week, they often damage anything and everything in their paths when they fall. tree crews have been aus fully busy haven't they? >> behind me, you can see an elm tree. you can take a look. how powerful this must have been as it was falling it picked up part of the sidewalk and fell on to this prius this, wasn't the only tree that fell here. i'm counting one, two, three, here on walnut street. this is san francisco vernal heights neighborhood where a fallen cypress pretree damaged several fences. it will take time to remove the logs. this weekend's storm topple aid number of trees in other neighborhoods. >> it's not the roots failing. it's the roots ability to hold
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on to soil. so tree rotates in the soil. and falls over. >> christopher was busy today responding to calls from homeowners. golden gate park had a share of falling trees crews worked to remove those, some of the larger branches had not yet been cleared. pan handle had a lot of debris, and mud making it challenging. >> it's slipping. fear of slipping is worse than reality. >> four roads were close forward safety reasons. we found this washout just above speedway meadows. several water and electrical pipes were exposed but officials say the damage to golden gate park was limited. >> this is good for the earth. it's ert fiz -- fertilizer.
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as long as know one gets hurt when they fall down. >> and the cost is up to $2000 i'm told and i tell you residents should probably play the lottery. in san francisco, abc 7 news. with all of the trees falling. >> what a mess, thank you very much. >> just how much rain did the three storm systems bring in? when is the next one going to hit? sandhya? >> now, it's dry up here looking down embarcadero. this is live doppler 7 hd now. you'll notice moisture to the north. taking you in closer here, near cue kaia, moisture in clouds.
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we have doppler tracking storms, take a look at the storm total wtz last three storms. santa rosa 16 inches of rain. and san jose, just under two and a half inches of rain. it pushed our rainfall percent of normal way up. santa rosa, 178%. san francisco, 106. in san francisco, well above average. i'll be back to let you know when the next storm is coming. it's going to be weaker, we'll talk about how much rain it will bring in just minutes. >> napa is get remove from serious flooding it's endured 24 major floods.
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they're undergoing a flood prevention project. the project uses bypasses to control the flof water. the area was under flood warning but napa never saw a river or creek water touch the streets. >> it can be dramatic and fast. it could create damage. >> instead of cleaning froors... we're getting packages ready to be ship i'd would venture to say it's saved cost in this flood. >> according to the plant the project should be completed but the funding trickles in every year from the federal government. so it's still years away from being finished. >> i'm sure one of the things we appreciate are the photos viewers sent in. they allow us to get images we might not get otherwise. among impressive photos showing this one. check out people paddling around ramp.
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looks like venice. joined by ducks. can you imagine? what are you doing here? taxi driver barry ne mailed thus picture. it's a street flooding sunday morning in pacific heights around post and fill more streets. and let's take a look at the strike now. pg&e reports 345,000 people are in the bay area. it was bad at one point. average rainfall five inches. parts of lake and yuba counties got more than 250 inches of rain. despite that, keep in mind reservoirs still need more rain. le.ington reservoirs about 40% at this point moment.
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we'll get it. more rain expected this week. be sure to stay with us for continuing storm watch coverage and don't forget you can track systems any time you want, it's convenient with live doppler 7 hd. we'll keep you up to date on weather. >> we have breaking news now out of concord tonight. sky 7 is flying above a large house fire on ridge road. you can't see flames but when firefighters responded in the last hour, the major damage. they're having a hard time reaching that fire with hoses and trucks so far, no injuries have been reported. we do have a ground crew on the way. stay with us for any breaking updates. >> one person is under arrest in connection with a beating of a 16-year-old girl with autism. oakland was missing for three days last week. the girl walked from an oakland group home, she was found three days later beaten and riding a bus in san francisco. the girl is recovering with
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her family now. police have not offered details on at rest. that investigation continues officials at the group home are relieved and thankful she is safe. >> we're just very pleased there has been an apprehension. we're so pleased that the community responded the way it did. and we look to participate with the police in any way that we can. >> police did not give any description of the suspect in custody or what that person is charged with. >> police are on the lookout for two people who firped shots forcing a school to go on lock down. police believe it started as a home invasion on coolidge avenue. neighbors reported hearing several shots. two people seen running off. they have not said whether anyone was injured two chp officers are recovering after flipping their patrol car. the chase of a suspected
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speeder began about 3:30 this morning on eastbound 580 at isabel avenue. officers closing in when the car overturned near north flynn road. two men were arrested. >> the drake's bay oyster company is not saying goodbye without a fight. the owner hired a private government watch dog group to explore keeping the small, family owned business alive. the department of interior ordered the oyster farm to vacate in 90 days so land can be returned to wilderness but he says the national park service is misrepresenting federal law. the contract with the state of california and the needs of the community. >> california's long legal battle for maernl equality is on hold again. california's voter approved ban on same-sex marriage.
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the justices were expected to announce whether they'll review the legality. the high court did not take action on several cases involving u.s. defense of marriage act. the high courts next conference to consider pending appeals is this friday. >> the oscar grant case is in court today again. he was a shot in 2009. attorneys for other officers involved in this shooting are appealing a ruling they're not immune from liability in the family's civil suit against bart. the jury found mezery guilty. >> the head of san francisco muni has a plan to appease critics of the controversial central subway project. the muni chief wants tochl tend the line through china town, north, and into north beach as you can see on the map. he wants a station built at old pagoda theater.
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residents have been vocal. the current plan calls for tunneling to extend into the area so drilling can be used to excavate and be brought to the surface. he says the extension depends on funding for project. >> coming up takeout containers could get the squeeze in one city. >> and royal buzz over the reason the duchess of cambridge is in the hospital. it's a condition doctors not too worried about. >> and official baseball business that brought to san francisco. the news continues in one minute.
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duke and duchess of cambridge are expecting an heir, she's being treated in a hospital for severe morning sickness. she can't keep down any food or drink. the royal family says the pregnancy is less than two months along. the child will be third in line to take the thrown behind prince william and his father. >> san francisco mayor ed lee and detroit mayor settled a friendly bet this afternoon. after his team lost the world series champs, san francisco giants. carolyn? >> as a former nba super star, detroit mayor knows a thing or two about trash talking and he was doing a bit that have boasting before the world series began.
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not anymore. not today. take a listen. >> this main it must have caused him to have to kmant let's go giants along with junior giants. innovative program. bet the mayors made was to do public service and education with youth organization in the winning team's hometown. the 69-year-old bing and his wife seemed to enjoy the tour of at and t park. he says he was not reluctant to come here, he's a good sport. he told me i made a bet, i lost the bet. this is the honorable thing to do. he says he has been looking forward to talking with the kids. >> i love to talk to young people and let them know value of getting along with each other. the inner play i think you gain from sports is real good. because you know, it teaches you how to win and how to be
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noble in defeat. that is what i'm here doing, today. >> this is about exchanging ideas and experiences. fortunate and glad to have them here in san francisco. >> the mayors had note knot met before but seemed to find respect today. tonight tonight at 6:00 what else was on the agenda for both of the mayors and what mayor ed lee would have been doing today had giants not bnt winning team. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> a proposal to ban foam containers is a step closer to reality. today the city council transportation and environmental committee approved a me hur to phase out the containers made have expanded polly yurj yain. -- urethane.
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58 california cities and counties have banned these containers which supporters say are harmful to the environment o.s say it would hurt small business owners. the city council will take up this issue in february. >> don't expect fees we pay to go away soon. we fly friendly sky autos no. michael finney is here with a story on what airlines have in mind. they like this. >> oh, brother. wait until you hear this. >> this is just years ago. okay? airlines have taken in $36 billion, billion with a b, in revenue from airlines fees alone. not the tickets, but fees. they think this maybe they can make more off fees. airline officials met this-to-discuss ways of maximizing passenger fees. they're tossing around new forms of travel insurance or giving travelers a chance to
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preorder meals for the flight. >> we do have good news to pass along to you tonight. bank of america shelfed plans for new checking akt fees that could have affected 10 million customers. the bank declining to comment. however, "wall street journal" reports any planned fee increases have been postponed until the end of next year. other banks including wells fargo and jp morgan chase have increases in the works. we have no timetable for hem. theer here is a feel good story. 10-year-old james garcia live was a developmental disorder. two years the boy saved every penny he had until he had $100 needed to buy a lego train set. playing with legos helps with social skills by the time he saved the money lego discontinued making that set.
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so the boy wrote a heter to lego asking if lego could help him find the set. lego restraight stated the train was no longer being made. but guess what? several days later a box arrived at the door from lego with a hidden camera. his parents recorded the whole thing. >> i finally have it. >> i'm a big lego fan myself. >> lego sent the set and a letter thanking james for his loyalty to the company. the boy is now convinced that lego is the best company in the world! but the way we have a link to
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the complete video on abc 7 >> that is sweet. >> marvelous. >> the best company ever. >> yes. >> love that story. thank you. >> sure. >> abc 7 news is teeming up with a doctor for another hire event. recruiters vilwill have 350 jobs available at this free event in san jose. among hiring hyatt reejs yensy and financial services and sleep train. bring your resume to the double tree hotel from noon until 4:00 tomorrow. >> it's a good resource that can help you. let's talk about the weather forecast. >> this is a nation break but short lived. we're looking at another storm that will bring us lighter rainfall amounts not as windy. you can see winds calm looking down towards embarcadero here, just a few clouds and it's cool outside.
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let me show you a live camera. looking towards sausalito area there. clouds gather goinging to live doppler 7 hd. you'll see moyer is well north. they're just seeing moisture up into clouds at this point. looking at temperatures, they're in the 50s. here are the highlights. north bay we'll see rain first thing tomorrow morning. rain in all areas for wednesday. a drier pattern beginning on thursday. so here is a look at satellite and radar. there is a storm coming. the difference between this storm and previous ones, this one is not so strong. we have a mild air mass associated with this. tomorrow morning when heading out of the door, yu kaia
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starting to see light rainfall. it's near the golden gate. then heading into 5:00 p.m. we see scattered showers developing in other parts of the bay area. by wednesday morning, the commute doesn't look g 5:00 a.m. most of the bay area will start to see wide spread rain. it will be moving through. it's a slow moving system. showers continue into wednesday night. by early thursday morning up in the north, north bay mountains up to two inches. santa cruise mountains up to an inch and a half. peninsula, quarter to three quarters of an inch. tomorrow temperatures, frab your jacket or sweater. going to be on the cool side.
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and you'll need umbrellas first in the north bay. then, possibly early as afternoon heading into evening hours, temperatures tomorrow afternoon upper 50s where it's raining. low to mid-60s around the rest of the bay area. mild day. low to mid-60s. accu-weather forecast looks like this. rain in the north in the morning tomorrow, it's wet and all areas on wednesday. breezy as well. gusts up to 30, possible. by thursday, which is a big day, raiders will be playing broncos. dry, partly cloudy. cooler friday. we're looking at sun, clouds into the weekend with a slight chance of showers very weak system. sunday morning dry on monday. live from the roof of the broadcast center where it's
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dry right now. back to you. >> just ahead nonstorm related problem lurking in classrooms forcing a school to clean up. >> and being exec tore of a loved ones estate is difficult and emotional. new at 6:00 from michael finney a woman battling exxon mobile over checks nine years after her mother's death. that is at 6:00. we'l ñ
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flu season off to an early start. cdc says this is the earliest save received reports of the achey problem in nearly a decade. it typically peaks in january but kicked in early especial in south and southeast. >> classes were back in session today in san francisco fairmont elementary school.
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the campus had to be disinfected after 150 students and members stayed home on friday because of an outbreak of a severe intense tes dinal dinal -- virus. parents being asked to keep kids home if they show symptoms of the flu. >> something exciting to talk b get ready for raiders day here on abc 7. peyton manning bring being denver broncos to oakland this thursday and we'll broadcast the game live from the oakland coliseum. and we'll kick things off with a special edition of abc 7 news at 4:00, then, the game starts at 5:00. fun day on abc 7 on thursday.
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coming up at 6:00 a shift in sacramento. how democrats new super majority could impact big issues like taxes you pay. also a despite over the shooting of oscar grant and
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bart police officers given immune ti after the death z a victory that sets up a conflict between land lords and u.s. justice department. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. see you shortly. >> world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> from sandhya patel, all of us, we'll see you again in afl hahn hour. this is "world news." tonight, royal baby. the world's most famous bride, kate middleton, is pregnant but rushed to the hospital. two days ago it was a secret, but she seemed fine, so what happened? tonight at the palace, jubilation and concern. early warning. the flu has arrived. the earliest season in a decade. an alert tonight about how to

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